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New Playmysong iPhone App Hits The App Store!

Today we are happy to announce that our new completely redesigned iPhone app has been released in the iPhone App Store. You can download the new Playmysong mobile social jukebox app from here. Aside from new look & feel, the new app includes cool features such as:

  • Enhanced Playlist Management - Launch your social jukebox with iTunes and Spotify playlists. You can also have two playlists on simultaneously.
  • New Social Features - Share your jukebox and have friends play songs from it. Find, invite and follow your music loving friends.
  • Explore Jukeboxes Around You - In map view, see active jukeboxes nearby and globally. Check what music people are listening to and play songs in parties and for friends.

We’d be very happy to hear what you think of our new app. You can reach us anytime at our Get Satisfaction page or Facebook Page.

Happy social jukeboxing!

Playmysong Team


Is there no way for the host to reorder queued songs?

Asked by

Hi! Thanks for your message and sorry for the delayed answer. The idea of Playmysong is that people can together reorder a playlist based on their personal preferences. That’s why we call our service the mobile social jukebox.

In this context we don’t allow the host to reorder the queued songs as we believe that it would create a bad user experience for the people who have requested songs and have been given a time when they can expect the song to be played.

However, we do give special options for the host to “control” the experience: 

1. The host can set limits on how often one song can be played

2. The host can set limits on how often one user can play a song

3. The host can limit the possibility to play songs only for his/her Facebook friends

4. Host can skip any song in the song queue from the host device (We hope it does not happen very often:-)

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. 


Playmysong Team