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Host Your Playmysong Jukebox With Deezer’s 30 Million Songs


From today onwards you can host your Playmysong jukebox straight from your web browser with the new Playmysong Deezer App. Just launch the new app with your PC, Mac or a tablet with Flash support and your Deezer playlist turns into a fun social jukebox in seconds. 



Our friends at Deezer were kind enough to offer 2 months of Deezer Premium+ subcription (value around $20) for users who sign up for Premium subscription in these countries:

- UK
- Finland
- Brazil

If you live in one these countries, then make sure to claim your free 2-month subscription before August 31st when the offer ends.


We hope you will try our new Deezer app at your next summer party. 

Most requested artists in Playmysong jukeboxes in June 2013

Here’s the list of top 50 artists our users requested from Playmysong jukeboxes around the world in June 2013. Pretty awesome mix of fresh artists and classics, don’t you think?

1 Daft Punk

2 Metallica

3 Avicii

4 Adele

5 Foo Fighters

6 Queen

7 Red Hot Chili Peppers

8 Bruno Mars

9 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

10 Robin Thicke

11 Aerosmith

12 Muse

13 Coldplay

14 Ac/Dc

15 Bon Jovi

16 Calvin Harris

17 Volbeat

18 3 Doors Down

19 Michael Jackson

20 Justin Timberlake

21 Helene Fischer

22 David Guetta

23 Guns N’ Roses

24 Rihanna

25 Rammstein

26 Abba

27 Nirvana

28 P!nk

29 50 Cent

30 Kanye West

31 Black Sabbath

32 Bryan Adams

33 Psy

34 Alice Cooper

35 U2

36 Fall Out Boy

37 Iron Maiden

38 Billy Idol

39 Queens Of The Stone Age

40 Beastie Boys

41 Bruce Springsteen

42 Mumford & Sons

43 Dire Straits

44 Green Day

45 Dropkick Murphys

46 One Direction

47 Imagine Dragons

48 Avenged Sevenfold

49 Johnny Cash

50 David Bowie

Playmysong and music licensing

We got a great comment for our Arctic Startup article from Richard and as many people have asked this from us, here’s the question and our answer:


Playmysong offers customers the ability to choose what songs they hear while shopping - available in Europe for now and uses Spotify - curious about the licensing model? -‘

Our answer:

Our licensing model is the following: 

For private use in homes and private events (weddings etc.) our users use either our Spotify app or their own music library. Spotify’s license terms cover the use of their music in non-business locations. 

For business use in bars, coffee shops etc. there are two options:

1. The venue can use it’s own music library and pay the associated license fees to copyright associations by themselves, as they would have to do even if they would not use the Playmysong app.

2. In Finland we have partnered with Mood Media, which provides a fully licensed in-store music system for venues. Mood Media offers Playmysong as an add-on to their existing service and and these cases the music licensing is handled by Mood Media and the venue in the same way as they would do even if they would not use Playmysong.

As we respect music copyrights, we like to expand our service via integrations and partnerships with companies that have already taken care of the required licensing. We will launch interesting new partnerships in the near future.

Any plans to add a skip option to the app for the jukebox owner? This would be helpful for when someone plays a song nobody wants and you're not near your computer. Currently this requires another app in addition to PlayMySong.

Asked by

Thanks for your message. Yes, we plan to add this in the future. Most likely iOS first and Android a bit after that. 

How do I control my spotify jukebox with the iOS App? Am I missing something?

Asked by

Hi Tom! Thanks for your message! If you are “hosting” Playmysong jukebox with Spotify with your Mac/PC, then this video explains the idea:

The only difference is that the iOS app has been completely updated and you can find the latest & much better version from here:

If you are using an iOS device to “host” your Playmysong jukebox, then here are the instructions on how to get it going…

We hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions!

The happy ending of @ncbshow ala @playmysongapp & @kickbacktickets viva las vegas baby! (at Las Vegas Convention Center Komatsu Booth Mine Expo)

The happy ending of @ncbshow ala @playmysongapp & @kickbacktickets viva las vegas baby! (at Las Vegas Convention Center Komatsu Booth Mine Expo)

Groovy @playmysongapp doing the rounds @ncbshow feat. awesome bros @kickbacktickets @delicode (at Las Vegas Convention Center Komatsu Booth Mine Expo)

Groovy @playmysongapp doing the rounds @ncbshow feat. awesome bros @kickbacktickets @delicode (at Las Vegas Convention Center Komatsu Booth Mine Expo)

How do you log in on the Spotify app? All I can find is the big 'connect with facebook' button do you have to register somewhere?

Asked by

Thanks for your message. In the current version you can register to Playmysong by clicking the “Connect With Facebook” button. We will have a new release soon with the option of creating an account with email / password as well.

Playmysong + Spotify + Your Wedding

Following on the heels of the most romantic holiday of the year, we’re excited to talk about another potential use for Playmysong. You’ve used it at your house parties, so why not use it at one of the most important parties you’ll ever have- your wedding! 

Various wedding blogs have written about using Spotify “as your wedding DJ.” With the Playmysong Spotify app you can take that once step further and allow Spotify and your guests to act as the wedding DJ’s. Weddings are all about you as the couple, and your friends and family who are there to celebrate with you, so this is a cool way to allow everyone to be fully involved in the celebration!

Depending on the format of your wedding and when you’d like certain music to be played, we recommend Playmysong for the reception. You and your fiancé can generate a really large playlist with all your favorite songs, and guests can queue up songs as they’re eating/drinking/dancing. The social features of Playmysong would be great to use here as well. While guests are choosing songs, they can “dedicate” a special song to the happy couple, leave shout outs, “like” requests, and tell everyone about the music they’re celebrating to at your wedding. 


Here’s the low-down:

  • Once you have Spotify, open it, click “App Finder”, select the Playmysong app, and “Add it”
  • Then, create a wedding playlist on Spotify (the sky’s the limit with the amount of songs you want available for guests to choose from)
  • Use this playlist to launch a jukebox within the App
  • We can help you customize your photo, jukebox name, and more! (Ex. “John and Sue’s Wedding!” with one of your engagement photos)
  • We can also help set you up with a “big screen” so guests can see what songs are being selected and played!
  • Wherever you’ve launched Spotify (on your computer or on your phone) will become your music source. Hook this up to a sound system with speakers.
  • Then, wedding guests will download the Playmysong app onto their mobile phones (tell them this in advance), click on your jukebox (“John and Sue’s Wedding!”) and start choosing songs. Everyone gets to be the DJ 

If you have any questions, leave us feedback, a comment on this post, or send us an email at Happy wedding planning!

(Photo by Musta & Valkoinen)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we’re bringing you two special Valentine’s Day playlists full of everything from The Smiths to Sonny & Cher, to show our appreciate for you as loyal Playmysong fans.


The first Playmysong Playlist we’ve put together is loaded with love songs, ranging from beautiful and sincere, to sappy and way-too-sweet. But hey, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about! 

Our second Playmysong Playlist is geared toward those who are having an Anti-Valentine’s Day. However you’re feeling—whether you’re loving the single life, crying in your bed to Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” or ready to use some choice expletives to that special someone, along the lines of Cee Lo Green’s smash hit—there’s a song for you.

If you haven’t already, grab our Spotify App and turn these playlists into a mobile social jukebox on your computer. Then download our mobile app and start selecting songs with it with your friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!